Born To Love

(Usually) When you were born, you are faced with a mother crying with joy, so much love in one single smile. After the doctors renown you as health, worries are washed away. You’re slowly brought to your mother’s arms. Your father is kneeling beside the bedside, unable to conceal the bright smile on his face at the sight of his beautiful newborn child.

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Time passes as your parent help you through your stages of life. Birthdays pass as they are filled with joy and innocence. You create friendships with boys and girls, going through those child phases, where ‘girls have cooties’ and ‘boys are gross’. You go up in grades in a flash, with teachers you like and don’t. People come and go in your life, often making you a bit sad.

High School comes and you hit puberty, and people of the opposite or same sex because more of your main focus. You develop your first serious crush, and they’re all that you talk about to friends, and they’re all you dream about.

Maybe they’re your first relationship, maybe it’s many crushes later; but you get into a relationship. You feel on top of the world, like you’re the most luckiest person on Earth. You’re filled with happiness.

At the most unexpected time, they break your heart and you feel alone again. You’re devastated, but even with support from your friends and family, you just don’t seem to be able to get over them. You see them move on, while you’re still wallowing.

Then one day you meet another, and you hit it off. Suddenly you aren’t interested in your ex anymore, and you even question why you cared. In the future you eventually married them and have a child, as the cycle of unconditional love and heartbreak continues.

As much as you know that love can hurt if not played right, you must know that we were born to love. One simply cannot live on with some sort of love in some form. That’s why it hurts so much when someone breaks your heart, because it’s your human instinct to project love, but when it is rejected it just shatters you temporarily.

No matter what stage you are in your life, you are always absorbing or extracting love; whether it’s to your friends, family, hobby, or partner. Without love, we would cease to believe that there’s any hope in the world at all.

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