Negro y Blanco

The book Black and White, by Paul Volponi is an inspiring story of friendship. The story takes place in New York City, in an area known as the “Projects”. It’s a run-down and crime-driven area in the outskirts of New York City. In this area, the reader finds Black and White.

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Throughout the story there are two main characters, Eddie and Marcus, also known as Black and White. Even though Marcus is black and Eddie is white, they’re still the best of friends. One day they both commit a crime that has everlasting consequences on their friendship and lives. At one point white says, “No matter what happens Black and White won’t end” (pg.117). A realization is made at the end and their friendship either crumbles like pillars, or stays strong like day-old meatloaf.

I honestly don’t have a favorite part in the book because throughout the story I couldn’t really pinpoint what was going to happen next. At one point the story is in Black’s perspective then it switches to White’s perspective. The book isn’t told from just one friend’s point of view, but both, which makes the story more thorough and easier to understand. I would recommend this book to any young adult with a best friend. Black and White gives the reader a great story of a friendship going through a tough obstacle, and leaves a person thinking about their own friendship.

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