Being the Best You

Be yourself. Everyone tells you that. Why? Because people told them that, or they heard it somewhere and it sounded good. To be the best you, you have to not only be yourself, but understand what that means.

There is only one you in this huge world. You can join the large number of people who want to fit in or are setting the standards of normal, or you can be the person that feels the most comfortable to you. That means, if you want to wear high-tops, shorts, a T-shirt, and a jacket, do it. Not just because it is different, but because that is how you want to dress to express yourself, and it is not illegal. Don’t dress to impress. Dress to express.

Now that we have clothes out of the way, let’s head on over to how to act. Really, the only limitations are the rules your parents set, the laws, and the school rules. Within those boundaries, explore different behaviors. You can ignore your phone if you want to and be a geek, or a nerd, or whatever. Don’t think of those names as insults. Think of them as compliments. Whoever calls you a nerd is really complimenting your refusal to fit the mold of society. They are calling you smart. That means you can like math without worrying about teasing, if you really do enjoy it.

A point that needs to be made. Being original does not only benefit you, it benefits the world. The more people that step away from being normal, the more interesting the world is. This generation is so busy trying to fit in. No one notices that there are too many people trying to act the same way, or look the same. Soon, earth will be covered in clones.

Next time you see someone different walking by, wearing something that isn’t the same as everyone else, or being original, don’t tease them or walk by. Join them. Be the person the world needs you to be, not the one people want you to be. If your friends don’t like it, they aren’t real friends. Be the best you.