Being a Great Citizen

Being an American is one of the greatest privileges that we are given in today’s life. Having privileges that other countries have never heard of before. Being an American of The United States of America means that you support your military in the actions that they take part in.

America is a great nation allowing you to keep all of your offspring that you have produced with your lovely spouse. Unlike as if you were in China then you are only aloud to have one child with your spouse. In china most of the families are in need of a male child to carry on the family name. So when they have a girl they will axiomatically put it up for adoption and if adoption is not an option that they are able to take then they will just go and kill their new born child in the back woods of China. Thus making America the best place to raise your children and raise a family.

Being an American also means that you have the rights that many other civilians of other countries do not have and do not know of. Freedoms such as the Freedom of Speech. To have the freedom to say what you want is a wonderful thing to have. It allows people to speak their mind and to have their own opinions. It allows the people of the United States of America to speak out against things that are wrong without having to worry about being killed. The Freedom of Speech also allows you to point your finger at the government when they have made a wrong decision and not have to worry about being thrown in jail. Unlike in other countries where if you stand up against the government you are put down and could possible loose your life.

Another freedom that we have in this great country that we live in that is called the United States of America is the right to bare arms. The right to bare arms is the your right to own a weapon. But not everybody can have a weapon if you have a criminal record than you are not aloud to own a gun. Which is a very good call that was made by our government when they decided to take a look at the right. But having the right to bare arms is the right to defend yourself against others that may attack you or from a wild animal that might attack you if you live in an isolated area. But with the national law that says that if you have spent time in jail that you cannot own a weapon protects our country from potential terrorists that could cause harm to our great nation.

The most important thing about being an American of the United States of America is that you must support your military that is over seas fighting for your rights that our forefathers had fought so hard for. Yet we still have people who desecrate our flag. When the people destroy and disrespect our flag that has stood proud over the capitals of our country for so long then it is a direct assault to the heart of our men and women who are fighting over seas for the people of America so that we can continue to enjoy the rights that so many people have given there life for. How would it make you feel if your son or daughter had been fighting over seas and gave their life for the country they loved. That they loved enough to die for. To make sure that its men, women, and children that live in America will have a country to wake up to. Also to make sure that the never have to see the brutal wars until they are old enough to understand. But at there funeral there are anti war protestors saying that your child died for nothing and showing disrespect to the one who made all of their rights possible.

Giving your life for the country that you love and have grown up in is one of the biggest sacrifices that you as a person can make for your family and all of the families that live in the United States of America. The hippies of the world just cant comprehend the compassion loyalty that a soldier has for his country. They do not understand that when they say that they are all bad people and that they are making a wrong decision that it is normally a right of passage that many of the current soldiers have planned on taking their entire life. Like a person such as myself it has been my goal since I was a young child to go and have the privilege to serve my country and put my life on the line for my family and friends. To make sure that when I have kids that they will also have all of the freedoms that we have had growing up. I have grown up in a family of service men and women and it is not only my choice but a right of passage to fight for the same great country that my father and his father before him have fought for. When you grow up in a big family of military men it is expected and an honor to carry on the family traditions of serving your country and to prove yourself as an American. It is a way to connect with the forefathers of our country and with every other soldier in America.

Being an American is one of the greatest privileges that we are given in today’s life. You have you freedoms given to you that not many other people in other countries get to enjoy. But you must also know the boundaries of right and wrong. When to protest and where to protest at. But most of all to respect the men and women who are fighting and or have fought in past wars for the United States of America.