Beautiful Friends

I’ve been to a lot of different schools. Every year and a half or so I move on to another because of family reasons. Now most of the time when I was ready to move on I had just started fitting in, Just started to not be ‘the new kid’ who everyone picked on, Just started to make real friends. Then I got to year seven, the worst year of my life. It was so bad I changed schools after two terms. In each and every one of these schools there was something I found.
I’m in yr 10 now and even though I’m not the new kid anymore I still feel judged. I even see my friends doing it sometimes. The bullying isn’t your normal primary school bullying anymore its deeper. Its comments, its looks and its subtle things that gradually wear you down and attack yourself esteem until you crack. We are forced to conform to a certain way of thinking. Don’t want to wear makeup? Then you’re not beautiful. Don’t want to get your hair styled and have the latest clothes? You’re a disposable thing for someone else to compare themselves to in order to make themselves feel better.
But these things don’t make you beautiful. Sure they might get you popular but who actually likes the popular girl? Is she happy? Why do we fool ourselves into thinking we need things that only make us miserable? Why do we choose fake friends instead of real ones just because we believe they’ll make us look good?
Beautiful friends are that special rare friend who will take you how you are. Otherwise who are they really accepting? The ones who are willing to put up with your dorky obsessions and who you can laugh and who you cry you’re out heart with. They won’t judge you because you rather read a book than some trashy gossip magazine.
These friendships are so special because they’re the ones that you keep in touch with when you go your separate ways. I love you Jessiee – my truly beautiful friend (and the only one I’ve even had in the 7 or so schools I’ve been too!) The sad thing is there people are so rare. There rare because everyone’s trying to be someone else. Everyone’s trying to be something there not. Imagine what the world would be like if we were just us and let ourselves all be beautiful friends….