I believe that marriage should not only be between a man and a woman, but also a man and man, or a woman and a woman. I believe this should be legal in all states across America because it is against the US constitution, shouldn’t really be up for vote, and if it was legal, maybe people wouldn’t be made fun of it.
Making same sex marriage illegal is against the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment protects rights against state infringements, defines citizenship, prohibits states from inferring with privileges etc. By states making gay marriage illegal, they are inferring with privileges of United States citizens. This issue was brought up by Sen. Babara Boxer (while debating California’s Prop 8), where she stated, “This historic decision is a step forward in the march toward equal rights and reflects a growing legal consensus that marriage equality is protected by the U.S. Constitution.” She says that “marriage equality is protected by the U.S. Constitution,” so automatically, same sex marriage should be legal.
In my opinion, same sex marriage being legalized should not be voted on. I believe this because, if same sex marriage needs to be voted on, why shouldn’t marriage of a man and a woman be voted on? People may say that it should be voted on because it is against gods will to have same sex married. A very influential political individual who believes in this is our president, Barrack Obama. Obama said, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union. You know, God’s in the mix.” This about gay marriage being against God is actually not very true. Nowhere in the bible does it state that God is against this.
I also believe that if gay marriage was legalized, that children and adults alike would be more open to homosexuality. I believe this because it wouldn’t be a topic that people talk about as much, since they would not have to worry about it. People would probably be more open about there homosexuality as well. I think this because then they would actually be accepted by there state if they could get married legally, and getting accepted by there state is one step closer to being accepted by there community, there family, there peers, etc.
I believe that same sex marriage should be legal in all of the United States. I think this because it defies the constitution, should not be decided by people who it may not affect, and I think it will decrease bullying among adults and children alike. Basically, as long as it makes someone happy, it shouldn’t be taken away.

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