Education is perceived to be one of the most significant privileges that a person or an individual could ever have. Radiant, uplifting and essential, this is how learning would normally be cited. Thus, the roles of education in the life of the people are seen to be of the most commonly and conveniently considered which is often regarded as a partner and means of attaining success in life.

Likewise, it is a helpful ally that serves as solid bricks towards the achievement of ones personal dreams and aspirations (Significance of education). As what the parents would state it, education is the only legacy which they can provide and leave for their children, when they are no longer in existence, which is a product of their own hard work and effort that is considered as an important factor towards having a brighter future ahead.

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In reference to an old saying, the meaning of education in the life of an individual is regarded as a profound gift which no one could ever and never has the possibility to be taken away (Significance of education). For some of the academicians and theorist, the stance of education is often linked to portray a significant role in the issue of global poverty wherein it is viewed that education is the most feasible answer in resolving the global problem about poverty (Education Solution to Poverty).

In this regard, it could be stated that education should be acquired through the most comprehensive approach and effective manner as seen achievable through normal schooling arrangements in the traditional classroom setting. Hence, this paper caters to the argument that learning is better acquired through normal school programs and not by any means of courses that are being offered online.

In sense, it can be said that learning through distant courses offered online has lesser significance in providing education for the people. Thus, such process of distant learning is prone to numerous risks and dangers that could make the entire learning process a failure. First, through distant learning the students are only given the list and the details of lectures online that is only accessed in the web.

In this process, there is no direct personal contact or relationship between the student and the lecturer.

Thus, the student has the freedom to either do his task with good will or to cheat on it with the help of other people. Second, with the fact that there are no direct personal contacts between the lecturers and the students ─ the opportunity to resolve misunderstandings and confusions about the lecture is seen to be limited. With this, the students could only have little chances to clarify their confusions and questions about their given lectures.

Third, through distant learning, the environment of the process of delivering essential knowledge to students, as compare to traditional classroom instructions, is seen to be more disturbing in which the student’s mind and focus are exposed to numerous temptations such as web games and browsing through different entertainment sites like online social networking pages and many more that are perceived to be entertaining activities.

Fourth, the financial aspect is also seen to be a major concern in distant learning wherein it is regarded that educational courses offered online are expensive with the thought that the return or the results are not as satisfying with that of the usual traditional attainment of education in the classroom (Texas Higher Education Distance Learning Master Plan).

Moreover, such process of distant learning also entails numerous disadvantages as compared to the usual educational program that could be acquired through classroom instructions.

One is that there are times when a person or an individual would need to sacrifice his/her time in order to attend on their responsibilities with their courses online and get things done as expected. Also, there are numerous types of people who find themselves less capable of studying and dedicating efforts, as well as manage their own time. Likewise, there are also difficulties when it comes to setting their priorities while at the same time studying without being under the supervision of a teacher (Advantage And Disadvantage Of Distance Learning).

In addition to this, it is a disadvantage for distance learning wherein its entire process does not provide the students the equal opportunity, more especially with that of the traditional classroom instructions, to improve their oral communication skills.

Thus, students in distance learning courses are neither able nor entitled to practice and develop their vocal interaction with professors and with their co-students (Knowing advantages and disadvantages of distance learning).

In conclusion, the traditional approach to teaching still proves to be the most practical and effective approach to teaching students. The disadvantages associated with distance learning outweigh its disadvantages in respect to the goals of education.