Are First Kisses Really a Big Deal?

So when I was a little kid, I dreamed of having my first kiss. Now I’m in eighth grade and thirteen years old, and still haven’t had my first kiss. I know shocking, yet in my book that okay. I mean it not like I’m waiting for my true love. I just don’t want my First Kiss to be wasted on a game of truth or dare.

Over the years my friends have had their first kiss, and they think nothing of it. So why do we hype it up so much. Why do we feel like our first kiss is going to be magical and filled with romance. In honestly it probably be weird and awkward. Is it because princesses deluded our childhood mind. Or we are hoping that there true love in real life.

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Of course this is all coming form an eighth grader. Now I have had one boyfriend before, did I like him of course. Was I in love or love him, not so much. I mean at the age of 13 or below do we even know what true love is. Maybe you do and you think what I’m writing is nonesemse. But in my opinion First Kiss is just a kiss.

It like every other kiss where your lips touch skin. There no magical life changing moment, there no rainbow that appears out of no where. It just a kiss, a physical touch. Like holding someone hands, I mean do you get butterflies holding someone hand? Maybe you do, like I said I’ve only been in one relationship. And that was in seventh grade and awkward as ever.

So I’m not saying that we should just give our first kiss up to anyone. I’m saying let’s not tell our kids lies! Let not tell them that there be a prince for you on a white horse. And that your first kiss will be in the rain and when you look into the other person eyes, you can tell he the one. The fact is you can’t tell if someone the one of one kiss. And if you can, you must have some powerful lips. Parents may not think of it, but that destroys kids female or male. That the world is like this and then you actually entire it, and you have the shock of your life. Let just say and you have your first kiss make sure you actually you care for that person. And that it going to be weird, because it your first time. Because trust me that would of saves me a lot of second guessing of the world.

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