Apple v. Windows

Apple and Microsoft are multinational corporations which have been rivals for a long time and a lot have need discussed and made about their similarities. However, putting differences aside, Apple Inc. and windows are two companies which have many things to share in common. First and foremost, it is important to consider the two companies as most responsible for the presence of computing as well as software tools. On the other hand, the two corporations seemingly have acquired a permanent ranking in the Fortune 500 List which was presented in 2012. According to the ranking, Apple was ranked in position 17, and Microsoft was ranked in position 37. However it is important to note that computer users in both corporations offer application software products. When analyzing the two companies, Apple has an in built integrated productivity suite when compared to its rival firm, Microsoft which has its essence suite of applications.

The other important aspect to understand between the two corporations is that their co-founders are very famous just like the companies which they helmed. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is famous around the world by fulfilling much of his vision to introduce a computer to most people, which has been also attributed to his philanthropy with the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. On the other hand, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, have also been famous and got a listing in the famous Times 100, which is a ranking of the 100 most influential people globally. According to the listing, Steve Jobs has been on the list five times, whereas, Bill Gates has been on the listing for four times.

When making a comparison of the portable media players and Smartphones, Apple and Windows manufactures and sells their own brands. For example, The Microsoft Zune HD has been a stiff competitor with the Apple’s iPod Touch. On the other hand, considering the the mobile communication devices, these companies have Smartphones. Consequently, the two companies have branded stores for their clients to buy applications for their brands. For instance, Microsoft has the uses the Windows phone store which was initially identified as the Windows Phone Marketplace. On the contrary, Apple has iTunes store.

Both Apple and Windows manufacture tablet devices. Apple manufactures the iPad, whereas Microsoft manufactures the surface. The Microsoft’s surface was released in 2012, and it has inbuilt features which runs the Windows RT or the Windows 8. This device is considered as the ultrabook computer. However, the similarities between the Microspfts Surface and Apple’s iPad should not be overlooked. These devices both have a touch screen having similar characteristics such as width and thickness. On the other hand, the products were both introduced in secret during their respective firm’s press events.

The two companies are also having similar features since they operate retail stores. Therefore, just like Apple Inc. Windows also operate retail stores. However, this may appear as a dream to many people. The main reason being that while Apple has many stores, Microsoft has less. However, it is important to note that Apple stores are similar to the Windows stores because they have specialists on hand to provide training and technical support. The other similarity is that Apple Inc possesses a genius bar while Microsoft Answers. The similarity is that both branded stores also similar product mix which encompasses the mobility products, as well as, gaming consoles. The two giant companies offer themselves for producing a cutting edge client a business product, which are the leading brands in the development in software and hardware products.

It is important to note that Microsoft majorly makes its profits for various businesses which mainly constitutes of licenses to the operating system to the computer manufactures as well as office suites for enterprises.

Based on the experiences which have been gathered over the years of rivalry between the two corporations, it is evident that the rivalry between these two corporations is getting tighter, therefore this analysis will also compare the sales, pricing strategies, advertising strategies, as well as, the environmental worthiness of the two competing firms. First and foremost, when comparing sales between the two companies, windows has been seen to be the dominating operating system, however, the Apple systems are also on the increase. In the recent years, most of the computers which were sold in the US, were manufactured by Apple, which was seen to rank third in the year 2008, when compared to previous financial years. The proportion of sales appears to be on the rise since most people are planning to own computers. Consequently, since Apple manufactures its own hardware, the consumers must take into account the operating system they like and the computer specifications which they prefer. It is vital to understand that the two companies face a stiff competition with a rival firm which offers custom built devices which operates like an operating system. In addition, this has created a stiff completion to Apple Inc, since it may still continue to gain a market share but the business growth may still be jeopardized by the limited number of large businesses which still prefer Windows or are not ready to make purchases with a new firm or a rival system.

The pricing strategy is another area to be taken into considering when comparing Apple and Windows. In recent publications, it was made clear that Apple Inc. is not ready to get into a price conflict with its rival firms. This has been the stand of the company even though efforts have been made clear that the company had made price cuts in its new product ranges. On the other hand, Windows in the recent past has been seen to dub Mac as carrying the Apple TAX, which experts consider as an increased cost both in terms of the purchase price coupled with the lack of flexibility and choice when distinction is made with the wider range of the PC’s. In addition, Apple corporation has been seen to be comfortable when positioning itself as a premium brand to its consumers, hence making loyal clients pay for higher prices as a result of their perception of a better quality product.

Advertising strategy is another important area to conduct a comparison between the two firms. Experts claim that Apple has been involved in a long-standing advertising campaign with a more personal character. Consequently, Windows do not get involved in a direct attack of its rivals in its advertising strategies. However, it is vital to remember that the adverts provided by Apple acts as an attempt to offer a more positive image to the Windows system. Apple has been involved in a more direct attack of the rival firms, meaning that they spend lump sums of money on advertising strategies.

In conclusion, is Apple Inc. has been observed to be the winning firm in terms of the publicity campaign, In addition, consumers have the perception that Apple Inc. is the most environmentally friendly brand ahead of Windows, and other PC manufacturers.