• Anna – the main character in the story who abandoned her family to fulfill her passionate nature
  • Karenin – the husband of Anna
  • Vronsky – lover of Anna
  • Nicolai – son of Anna and Karenin

anna karenina book report


The story started in a party wherein Anna, the wife of Karenin met Vronksky. Vronsky danced with Kitty but when he saw Anna, he stopped.

At that moment, a man was asking Anna to dance. And when Anna saw Vronsky is coming, though she doesn’t want to dance, she was forced to just to flee from Vronsky. She attempted to escape from the man. But still in end, Vronsky got a chance to dance with Anna.

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After that party, Anna was ready to leave the place. When she is in the train station, Vronsky came and they went to St. Petersburg. It was then, when their forbidden relationship started. They started to get together frequently, and one day, Vronsky visited Anna to the Karenin’s Summer Villa at Tsarkoe Selo. Vronsky asked Anna to go on with their relationship but Anna did not intend to answer because Nicolai, her child, is coming.

At Moscow in 1881, wherein the season is autumn, Vronsky and Anna continued in seeing each other and they started to have a sexual intercourse. When Vronsky joined the competition of horse racing, Anna and Karenin were present. While Anna was very busy in watching Vronsky with her telescope, Karenin was observing her. And when Vronsky fell from his horse, Anna worried that much and Karenin told her to go to Vronsky if she wants, but Anna did not go. After that, the couple left the place.

Upon reaching the horse, Karenin confronted Anna about Vronsky. And when Karenin attempted to have a sexual intercourse with her wife, Anna refused. After that incident, they left their house and went to St. Petersburg.

In 1882 (Spring Season), Anna had a miscarriage with her baby with Vronsky. Vronsky was present at that moment. After the doctor consulted Anna, Karenin came.

Anna asked Karenin to forgive her for what she has done and for loving Vronsky. Karenin went to Vronsky at the sala and they had a man to man talk.

After that talk, Anna and Vronsky left the house of Karenin and they started to establish their own life.

In Lago Di Garda, Italy, Vronsyk showed the portrait of Anna that was made by him. Anna flattered that moment and she was very happy for what Vronsky did. At first they live as a happy couple.

Anna visited Nicolai in the house of Karenin without the permission of his husband. Nicolai was amazed seeing his mother again because he knew that her mother was already dead. Karenin saw her and got mad for Anna is not welcome anymore in their house. And with that, seeing Karenin is coming, Anna left the house right away.

She remembered her child every moment. One day, a woman came with telegram. Anna saw it from the window. Doubt was present at that moment she saw the woman. She thought that Vronsky had an intimate communication with that woman. When Vronsky came, Anna confronted him and took the telegram and read it. And with that, they started to have an argumentation.

Anna was always drunk because she doubts that Vronsky is having an affair with another woman. And another thing, she remembers her child.

One night, she dreamt, wherein she was being rolled by the train. So, the day came that she decided to leave the place and she went to train station.

In the train station, she remembered her child. She wanted her child to be with her. She saw standing near the train, wherein the train was coming. She remembered her childhood wherein she jumped to the water. And when she felt she was in the same situation, she jumped before the train came and that was the end of Anna’s life.

The candle at the end of the story was started to die little by little. And Anna asked God’s forgiveness for what she did.


Anna Karenina was a novel by the Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy. Upon publishing this novel, many critics came who wants to dismiss the novel’s publication. But still, the novel enjoyed its popularity and was declared as the greatest novel ever written.

In this story, we learned that we should be faithful with our love ones. Once you are committed, you have to keep it real. Another thing, a mistake must not be followed with another mistake. Anna killed herself instead of going back to her family.

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