Animal abuse is an important topic in our society as it is all around us. Most people don’t have the responsibility of taking care of a pet[ dog, cat, goldfish you name it] mostly because they ‘ve never mostly all countrys theres a law prohibates animal abuse including indiana. Animal abuse is not right because it can cause the pet to be more aggressive towards people and cause more cases to be settlesettled.


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one thousand dogs/cats die every day of either getting shot, run over, or beaten to death. when a pet is beaten it winces and cries which is a sign that they want you to stop.reported by,” 50% of fur that we use in america comes from china”. That fur comes from those people hunting the animals skinning them, then selling their fur which should be illegal.

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In most cases, the suspect are either mad or insane in the head. Some of these killings is the parents fault as they let them torture these pets/animals. According to some sites, “30% of casesare animal cruelty”. The society that we live is falling and we can’t do anything about it. We need to stand up and support people who are trying to save these wonderful creatures.

Of course there is going to be some who disagree with me not supporting animal abuse as those people are the ones beating their pets.more are starting to not care about what happens them as long as they get whatever they want.

Even though animal abuse is wrong, we as a society don’t do anything to stop this from happening because where too caught up in technology. beating an innocent animal for no reason what so ever is something that we cant do about. I predict that in the next 15 years the law for animal abuse will be stricter and more people will help stop this from happening.

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