And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

First there were ten: a group of strangers invited to a private island, cut off from the rest of the world, who have nothing in common – except a murderous past. Then there were none: one by one, an unknown person is killing them off. They’re the only people on the island, so they must assume the murderer is one of them, and only the dead are above suspicion. Or are they? Agatha Christie’s chilling, thrilling mystery novel, And Then There Were None, will leave readers on the edge of their seats, turning the pages for more.

And Then There Were None is the most well-written book I have ever read. The scene is terrifying enough, but Christie’s dark, foreboding tone lets you know that you can only expect something sinister to happen next. It adds to the suspense and excitement of the story. The point of view switches every few paragraphs, which gives the reader a sense of chaos. In one scene, the characters are gathered around a dining table, and you can see everyone’s thoughts and suspicions flying around, but without tags. This creates a nervous, frantic atmosphere.

The plot of this novel is also incredible. Christie’s clues are so subtle that most people will not figure out who the murderer is until it is revealed. Perhaps some people will find it frustrating, but I think this makes the mystery even better. Without this knowledge, the events of the book seem almost supernatural, and more fascinating. What little clues that exist are impossible to notice at first, but this only dramatically increases the novel’s already heart-racing suspense.

Another excellent feature of And Then There Were None is the characterization. Christie did a perfect job of developing each character and his or her personality. Everyone is different, and you know them well enough to believe they are real. Agatha Christie, the world’s best-known mystery writer, is the most widely published author of all time in any language. She is outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare, and for good reason! After reading And Then There Were None, I will certainly buy more of Christie’s work. This particular novel was also made into a movie and a video game, though I highly suggest reading it first.

Overall, Agatha Christie did an amazing job of putting the reader right into her mystery. Her ton, plot, and characters all helped to create, without a doubt, the best mystery I have ever read. In case I haven’t stressed it enough, the suspense will hook you right from the beginning and all the way through to the end. Prepare to be confused and surprised along with the characters, and make sure you are alone when you read the ending, because you are sure to gasp out loud.