I rushed into the room to prepare a presentation. The full panel of vetting and audience majorly students were present invited. The occasion was to give me the first hand opportunity of landing into a job with the top most managerial firms in dealing with the service management of the quality standards. In many cases I had never delayed but such occasion made me panic. The chief executive officer was the chief gest. I gaze this gave made me to be nervous.

Preparation of the PowerPoint presentation was to be done in a group of three individual. As a group leader it was my obligation to delegate the duties and carry out the presentation with assistance from my fellow students. The reason for delaying with the presentation was due to inadequate preparation. I had not prepared sufficiently for the presentation. During my analysis I realized that I delegated duties at the wrong time. It was on a weekend, everyone went out either family ways or on the date with their loved ones. There was no time to concentrate and come with solid ideas based on the subject of presentation. Within the period of twenty four hours during the weekend I was not supposed to assume more time for preparation. I realize the major cause of my bottleneck was lack of proper timing.

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Applying Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints

Preparation of slides for presentation at the last minute. Not gathering the necessary information from all the sources. Poor coordination to my fellow members made not be ready on time.
I plan to acquire all the information gathered. Avoid as much as possible delegation of duties to others whom were just participants in the presentation. Moreover, I plan to avoid going out during weekend that I have a presentation to make the following week.
Using my timetable and reminders I have to set targets for the presentation. I have to make sure all the objectives of the presentation are identified on time.
I remove the bottleneck I have to set rules for the group upon which all the members have to adhere to. All members to fix their outings after the group has met and all the preparation for presentation are well done.
This will be placed into practice in the next presentation of the group members. To avoid being late and confused before the presentation, members shall do rehearsal before the actual thing.

In conclusion, bottleneck is a hinder to a real life time opportunity. Once a person realizes the weakness should try to apply the Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to enable them meet their goals.

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