An Advertising Campaign

Before conducting an advertising campaign, it is necessary to gather the data about the perspective buyers of the advertised goods in order to make the advertisements corresponding to their interests, tastes and desires. Special polls are carried out at the stage of the marketing researches and a so-called portrait of the potential buyer is made. A real portrait of a buyer is drawn during the development of the scenarios of commercials in advertising agencies. A buyer is given a name, and his/her possible way of life, daily routine, and family and work relationships are identified. Such an approach allows creating a commercial or a product which is capable to attract the attention of the target audience with these signs. Such commercials are much better than the commercials targeted at the general audience.

Thus, the given memorandum will contrast the audience of the two advertisements found online at the official website of The New York Times.

The first article is targeted at the potential buyers of Mercedes. Initially, the company Mercedes Benz positioned itself as the producer of cars of the highest quality. It combines both the quality and the price. The potential buyers are characterized as wealthy people aged 45-50 years. Their priorities include comfort, safety, social orientation of the brand, and conveniences. They do not want the advertisement to demonstrate discomfort caused by an old age; vice versa, they want to be presented in the way they see themselves: active, young, fashionable, noticeable by public and participating in public life. Thus, the audience of the advertisement of Mercedes includes the elite minority, people who are used to surrounding themselves with luxurious things, like Mercedes cars.

A typical client of Mercedes-Benz in Germany is a wealthy man (with higher education and usually the head and/or the owner of an enterprise) at the age from 30 till 65, married, having children, demanding much of the living conditions: stability, constancy, comfort, safety of him and his family.

Speaking of the audience of Kia, it is necessary to emphasize that it consists of family men, who like travelling and outdoor activities, and they prefer comfort and universality in driving. The youngest target audience of the advertisement of Kia includes young people around 30, but no older than 45. Their priorities include the possibility to emphasize their own individuality by means of Kia cars.

Thus, contrasting the target audiences of the two advertisements of Kia and Mercedes, it is possible to say that they differ significantly. The audience of Mercedes consists of rich men, who are used to surrounding themselves with luxurious things, while the audience of Kia includes people who value the comfort for a reasonable price.