I fell in love at the age of 13. I was in 8th grade and I fell for a guy who I gave the power to break my heart to, and he did.
He’s my bestfriend, he’s smart and funny and sweet.. I could go on forever. But he understood me. And I understood him.. We knew eachother more than I think we could ever explain.
He would look out for me, feed me when I wouldn’t eat, talk to me when I was silent. He was always there,
he loved this girl. someone other than me.. Which while we were getting even closer I put the fact aside. Maybe he would see, that I was right for him. Because in my heart I knew he was right for me.
For months I couldn’t picture myself with anyone other than him.
He slept over once, the fist guy to ever sleepover. 2 of my other friends were there too. We were on the hammock all of us just piled on top of each other, we just layed there looking up at the stars. It was perfect. He was holding my hand and no one said anything.. they didn’t have to.
We continued to get closer,
And one day, I was in the car with some other friends when I got a text, it was the best text I had ever gotten because inside was the news that he liked me too. Now I dont think my heart had ever felt that happy, nor will it ever. Nothing could compare to that feeling.
Then he told me he hated relationships, that he wasn’t going to date me. that hurt but, at least I knew he cared.
The next day, the girl he was in love with told him she liked him and he asked her out.
10 of my friends came up to me in the halls that day, to give me the news. they all hugged me and apologized I was so confused..
I started to cry at 2:30 that day, in the middle of the hallway.
My heart had never felt that pain before, nor will anything compare to the pain that was felt that day.
I cried for days,
But put on a brave face for him, I couldn’t let him see it bothered me.
I still talked to him, almost every day,
despite what all my friends and family had to say.
I didnt want to lose him
My heart couldnt stand that much.
We are still friends, we do talk every day
despite what he did to me
I still love him
that i know for sure.. And I know deep down that he knows
that he loves me too.
So to all you guys and girls, that feel like you don’t have a chance. Keep at it, ok? Everything happens for a reason. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. But don’t ever give up on love.

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