“Always never be a follower, always be a leader.” At just four-years-old, my aunt Rose arrived in the States from Mexico. Her parents yelled, “Back up your bags we are going to America!” When my aunt started school, she began to adjust with the “wrong crowd,”although the education she had could have brought her somewhere. Not having role models in her life, awful influences affected her future, married at a young age, and didn’t accomplish school. Her and her friends always wanted to be identical to each other, try to dress alike also frequently “act like each other, even though we sounded ridiculous!” The American dream for my Aunt Rose is to achieve the education she had. Yet she never achieved her goal until later on in her life. But till this day she tells anybody to, “accomplish school, have a wonderful career you love, pursuit your dreams, and receive masters on whatever you prefer to do.” “Finishing high school, go to college and become a Medical Assistant is the American Dream.” She always had this dream of her saving lives of other people even as a child to become part of the medical field. At her eighth birthday party, her friends were eating a Mexican candy called Dedo and her friend Jennifer started choking on it, she panic, she stood up and kept pressing her chest till she could breathe, luckily she did. After that day she had always wanted to be part of the “medical field.” My aunt Rose did not feel that she has realized the American Dream, the reason of her education. Since she married at the age 17, she had to withdraw high school in eleventh grade helped her be a “better wife.” After she did not finish she had a family. After starting her family, her kids getting older, she wanted to make an effort again at school. Yet, not only her husband, her kids, and close relatives did not wish her to re-enter school they thought she was skittish. My aunt Rose felt abandoned. “It took me around 26 years to get back on the horse,” she started laughing. The I asked, wondering how? “How did I do it? Got up one day saying I’m going to school today whether you like it or not.” As my aunt finished her statement the last sentences she told “Pursuit what you wish to be from the beginning to end, and even if that means to have some guts and courage to go forward,” continued with a little grin and a tear coming out of her right eye “Me not finishing high school, getting married at a young age, made my life today. So to all those people you are going to show this interview to be to follow your American dream.”

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