Justifying himself on the issue of dropping of atomic bomb on Japan, President Truman argued that he did so in order to save many lives (Americans and Japanese) that could have otherwise been lost if the U.S and Japan and their allies were to invade each other. The sole reason was to force the Japanese to surrender and as expected the eventually surrendered. John F. Kennedy felt that Alliance for Progress was vitally important because the program would help countries with struggling economies in building their economies under the assistance of U.S government and therefore take part in alleviating poverty (Adams, 2000). In his farewell address, President Reagan was most proud of the economic recovery that America had achieved through creation of about nineteen million jobs and also the recovery of its spirits. He felt that America still needed to work on its relations with the international community like the Soviet in order to create trust and reduce tension (Rather, 2004).

In Jihad vs. MacWorld, Benjamin Barber identifies parochial hatred/tribalism brought by unrestricted markets as the key disconnect between global commerce and ethnic parochialism of which I completely concur with him (Massey, 2009). When U.S participated in WWII, great economic depression was experienced and Nevada once a mining state became home to many businesses and revenue generating projects. As Nevada moves into the future, it should realize the potential it has due to the remarkable landmark monument and therefore good attraction to travelers (Adams, 2000).

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