American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

“Now that I’ve revealed my true form Perhaps It is time to revealed yours..’’ this is a quote from the book American Born Chinese. It goes with the story because there is a surprising at the end of the book.

Jin Wang starts a new school where he’s the only Chinese American student. Jin just want to be a American boy, because he falls in love with american girl. Danny is an american boy his a great basketball, popular with at school. But his annoying Chinese cousin Chin-Kee’s visit is so much of a disaster that it embrasses and ruins dannys school reputation, leaving him no choicebut to move schools so he can start all over again. The Monkey King has lived thousands of years and has mastered the arts of kung fu and heavenly disciplines. He’s to join immortal gods in heaven. But there is no places in heaven for the monkey. Each character cannot help themselves alone, but how can they possibly help each other? They’re going to have to find a way, If they want to fix the disasters in their lives.

The Monkey King is unique because he was born out of a rock and he has many powers and skills. He own kingdom where flowers and fruits with heavy nectar with the scent of their wine drifting down to the flower fruit mountain. He became King when he defeated the Flower Mountain Of The Tiger-Spirit that had haunted for for centuries, he established his kingdom and the monkeys from the four corners of the world flocked to him. Few of The Monkey King’s powers is Fist-Like-Lighting, Thunderous Foot, Heavenly Senses, and Cloud-As-Steed. But the gods didn’t accept him for who he was they thought he was a foolish monkey and always made fun of him.

Chin-Kee is a startling caricature of negative Chinese stereotypes. He is Danny’s larger-than-life Chinese cousin who, to Danny’s embarrassment, comes to visit every year. Chin-Kee wears antiquated Chinese clothing, the traditional queue haristyle, and literally has yellow skin, buck teeth, and eyes squinting so tightly that the pupils cannot be seen. He loudly speaks extraordinary “Chinglish” at all times, likes to play tricks on people, and possesses a frightening sexual appetite. Chin-Kee is really the Monkey King in disguise. Chin-Kee’s name sounds like the ethnic insult “chinky” when said aloud

I recommend this book to kids and teens because it has good details and it is an interesting book to read. It’s a good example to just be yourself and it has a Michael L. Printz Award For Excellence Young Adult. If you read it who is your favorite character? My favorite is The Monkey King is my favorite because I think he is one of the most powerful gods in the book.