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I love where I live. I live in a subdivision called Arbor green in Tampa, F1. This part of the city is called New Tampa. Arbor is perfectly set ten miles from the central business district and sits on the base of Silicion Valley. It was build in the late 1980s as there was an influx of people moving away from the congested suburbs on the west of Tampa. From the CBD you descend the hill and is immediately greeted by a spectacular deep green valley with green pastures and some livestock which include cows and sheep. They are mostly owned by the famous Hatchie Ranchers who supply bulky of the beef sold here and the whole of Tampa town as well.

New Tampa is well planned with the availability of basic amenities, nice streets, well built modern houses and nice people too and has attracted a population of about 100,000 people. It has got an amusement park where on weekends my friends and I go to have fun and play different games. My home is a wooden one storey house with a built in porch. When it does rain my sisters and I play on the porch.

To the East of New Tampa is where we have a public sports centre. The complex houses a baseball pitch, tennis courts, heated swimming pools, basketball pitch and a football field. They are mostly used during weekends when most of the residents are not working and can recreate or watch a local tournament. In New Tampa there are some few cinema halls where residents can catch a movie or watch an ongoing sport from some social halls. West of the town seems like is the centre of excellence as it hosts two universities and several collages.

New Tampa is very clean with manicured grass and is pleasing to look at. It has got scenery sites like the famous crying stone of Tampa near the University of Ontaria and the 20th G20 summit was held here last year. It has also attracted local celebrities like Tyra Banks who now reside here. The blend of urbanization and countryside a

like has made this division among the best in the country. This town also boasts as the only town with a national park in its vicinity where deers and bob cats are easily viewed daily. The town is indeed one of its own.