Aliens: Rogue

In the war between aliens and man, the “rogue” is the ultimate weapon. Rogue is the sixth in the Aliens book series. The story takes place in the distant future. The earth has been taken back by humans after a three-year infestation in which all human life on Earth either was evacuated or was killed by the swarms of aliens roaming the Earth. Many evacuation colonies are still operational but are like space truck-stops since all humans are now back on Earth. Most of these stations have been bought by large companies because they are gold mine if located in the right systems.

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The story is about a deep space pilot named Capt. Joyce Palmer, who is waiting to finish her last mission before going home to her kids on Earth. She makes one last pit stop at Charon, a former penal colony used for escapees from Earth, in order to fuel up before going into cold sleep. She and her crew unknowingly become part of the plans of a quite unorthodox scientist named professor Ernst Kleist. Kleist plans to breed an unstoppable “drone” alien that is larger than an Earth queen and supposedly stronger than a queen.

Kleist’s plan is exposed to his hired group of Colonial Marines and they attempt to escape Charon with the help of Joyce and her crew. While escaping the base, it becomes infested with “bugs,” which is the slang term used to describe the xenomorph aliens.

Overall, this was a great book but it took a lot of will power to continue through the middle section since the action slowed down. But once you get about three-quarters of the way through, it starts to get really interesting. Once aliens start attacking, the plot begins to twist, and what you think will happen doesn’t. It will surprise you when what really happens does. Out of all the Aliens books, this takes a backseat to the books written by Steven Perry and his daughter Stephani Denise Perry. It is still a great book for sci-fi or Aliens fans and it is definitely worth the week and a half to read

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