The conquests of Alexander the Great are known for their cruelty and terrifying results. As a rule, his major intentions included the following; the suppression of rebellion “in the south and unrest on his northern borders” and silencing “the first grumblings of discontent”. The fact of his cruelty can be proved by the destruction of cities and the enslavement of people who lived there. In order to make his conquers successful, Alexander the Great tried to take into account all aspects, and he desired nothing to be left behind him. Special attention was paid to the army, which comprised infantry and cavalry. Furthermore, “the number of soldiers left behind in Europe, who were under Antipater’s command, totaled 12,000 infantry and 15,000 cavalry”. Taking into consideration this fact, it is evident that Alexander the Great was a prominent figure in the world history whose military forces had a significant impact on the nations’ relationships of the time.

Hellenistic developments were peculiar for another aspect of life: philosophical, scientific, and medical ones. One of the major peculiarities was to “separate medicine from philosophy by stressing natural explanations and natural cures for disease”. It was a considerable impetus in the medical science, and an abundance of physicians appeared. It was profitable for them to try to do their best in expanding their knowledge and making their researches in order to develop different branches of science. Vivisection as well, as dissection was used for this purpose. Finally, it is noteworthy to admit that anatomy was a branch of science which experienced the most overwhelming success among the physicians. They were more than busy with examining the nervous and the productive systems, liver, brain, and eye. In conclusion, it is necessary to admit that all these studies had a considerable influence on the further researches in science, especially medicine.

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