This book/Alex Rider was a predictable book. If you read the back there is no reason to read it because it tells everything in the book. If you get this book do NOT read the back.

Description and summary of content
The book was about a guy parent that was murdered and shot him. When he recovered he became a teen spy (the only good part) although some part of the book was good but for it to get 5 stars it would have to be good on every page.

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I didn’t like this book as you can tell. I may sound like a hater but I am usually not like this if this book wasn’t so predictable I would right a good review. I would NOT EVER get this book or any of the books by this author. Some people may like this book but I DO NOT.

All I’m saying is get this book if you want to but I wouldn’t. It is personally one of the worst books I have read. I didn’t even have to get through the first 5 chapters before I knew it was a crappy book. That is all