Alegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson

This family fiction story written by Tiffany D. Jackson, is about a girl who is ALLEGEDLY accused by killing an infant at the age of 9 years old. As the story goes on, the book shows her seven year journey through this extremely sad tragedy. She talks about being in “baby jail,” struggling and staying in a group home until she is 18 years of age with other kids who have done things as bad as her. The girls are physically and verbally brutal with one another. She explains the way her life was during this time and how she prepares to go back into the real world. Mary is also trying to figure out the truth behind all of the murders that she is convicted of. I loved this book because it shows how much courage and love you can have in a heart-breaking situation where you are constantly fearing for your life. I also liked this book because it speaks on a high level about people who have dealt with children who are trying to get their life back together in this world that we live in. I thought the author did very well with describing all the characters and how they are connected to the main character, Mary. Something that I didn’t like was how the chapters would switch from 1st person to 3rd person. It would change the subject to victims and their opinions about Mary. I would not recommend this book to people if they are sensitive to profanity, violent scenes, or name calling. This book would be suitable for people from ages 14 and up. Between this book and the other books that i’ve read this has been the best so far. This book can make you think about what’s going on behind the scenes in families. I learned that no matter what life throws at you, things will eventually get better everything takes time and thought.“What does it mean when you love and hate someone at the same time?” I ask.

He laughs. “It means they family”(Jackson 89). “Well, people tend not to think clearly when a black girl is suspected of killing a little white girl,” Ms. Cora says, crossing her arms(Jackson222). This book is very thought provoking. I would highly recommend people to read this book. Thank you.

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