Alcoholism is one of the most leading problems throughout the world. Overdosing is the most common in the rate of death percentages in the world. My proposal and valid argument is that I think there should be a ban on alcohol access to anyone who may be at the risk of poisoning from alcohol. In my opinion I think bars and other markets that sell these products should have a limit on how much alcohol that can be bought by a person in one day. I think that there should be a US law stating that there can only be so much alcohol purchased by a certain person in one day. Each time someone goes into a bar there must be some sort of way the bar can know how much alcohol the person has been in taking. Some of the possibilities that crossed my mind is something like a card, this card has to be swiped and allows the ability to show if the person had gone to a bar just minutes before and how many drinks were given to them there. If they seem at risk of having too much alcohol their card will be denied and the person will not be able to have a drink; unless their alcohol balance shows it has been several hours since there last intake. Another use of this would be going to the market. The card would come into play to view how many products in this category that has been purchased throughout the day. If the person has gone over the same limit then the access to the alcohol will be denied. In special cases the workers who provide the person with the card will limit them to certain occasion and special events in which the alcohol limit can be over passed for that night. This is a wide and unthinkable stretch, but in our society more people die and bring harm to those around them with the intake of alcohol. This prevention would hopefully decrease the risks and deaths in the USA and return things to a manner of not over using the alcohol to a point or extent that makes a problem. To be drunk is something people take advantage of and use the access of alcohol pointlessly by getting drunk; and in most cases hurt themselves and are dead or has caused another threat. Another cause of alcohol is drunk driving. If the idea of the card was to be passed then the people who work at these stores and other industries that sell this can see exactly the last time the card has been swiped and can easily pick up the conclusion to the ones who are about to be accused of illegal driving with the intake of this substance. Many disagree with this opinion, but if you think about these restrictions and feel as though it is stupid or too much work to be done to help prevent alcoholism and the rising death percentage; then you better take a minute and reevaluate the purpose of alcohol and how people daily abuse it. Because next person to overdose unknowingly or harm friends and your own being with alcohol could be you, knowing that things like this happen more likely than any other overdose makes a clear statement that the US has to try and fix this problem.

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