Hey!So today i am going to be talking about the place of alcohol in a teens life.To start with,not drinking alcohol is my personal decision that i’ve made myself.I’ve been in a lot of situations where all the people became drunk and i was the only sober one.I think alcohol makes you vulnerable and puts you in a condition and an exposure that you wouldn’t possibly want with your sober self.Second of all is that for an age of 15 i think it is really early.I mean,what’s the rush to be honest.I frankly think that we have a lot of time.We will probably drink when we are millennials.I don’t prejudice my friends but discreetly i avoid talking to them about this stuff.If people spend more time to be aware what they are consuming they would me more cautious and understanding about it.There are a lot of articles and books i can address now.It legitimately kills your brain cells what could possibly sound more scary than that.I can truly say to you that you are not your true self when you are affected by it.Recently a doctor attended to our school to give a speech about the matters that we need to avoid.He said if used cautiously alcohol isn’t so bad.I would be okay if he said this to a older audience but i think he shouldn’t have said this to high school students.Maybe there are people who can stand strong and know how to say “no”.But we can’t assume that everyone is the same.There is something called peer pressure.That is an awful act to do in my opinion.No one should feel the pressure to do something that they feel is wrong.I am telling you, you CAN have fun without alcohol or even drugs.Your friends may not be the right ones for you if you feel isolated around them.There are people like you everywhere, no one is truly alone.Just remember that.

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