Access Plus Case Study

The Access Plus Company should assess the industry boundaries and undertake an analysis of the competing forces in the environment where it is undertaking business. The company should assess the risk posed by the entry of potential competitors.

According to Porter’s 5 Forces model for industry analysis, The Access Company faces the rivalry in the field it is trading in terms of intensity. The Access Company should also study the established companies and the rivalry. The company should consider penetrating price among other options

The Access Company also assesses the buying power of the buyers when setting up prices. This helps in ensuring that its products are acceptable and compliant with the customers bargaining powers. To ensure growth in sales, the services and commodities prizing should be in line with the customers demand and the services offered by other companies.

The Access Company has endeavored in efforts of increasing productivity (Mead, 2002:68). The company should seek to increase investment by looking for additional capital through loans. The increased capital will ensure that the company records increase in profit margin. Through capital injected from loans, the company will have built its capacity.

The substitutes to the company’s products have been used as a guide in shaping strategy for competing. The Access Company has managed to build barriers around the customers that it has while penetrating other markets. The company should understand the consumers of their products. To enhance customer’s performance, the company should have deep understanding of profits and existing cost drivers.

The Access Company should assess potential competitors that have the ability to enter into the field using established structures. The aim of this undertaking is to ensure that the company identifies risks and threats posed by the competitors. The Company should identify customers and suppliers since these are natural partners in business.

The suggested recommendations are important as it ensures that the Access Company capitalizes in its major strengths. Although training at Access Company can be said to be impressive, there is still more room for improvement. Currently, the IPAF training center offers a variety of training offers in the use of work equipments. To improve on this training, I will suggest the company incorporates use of multi-media training as well as instinct training on technical operations and safety. The company should customize the training programs to fit specific industries.

The weaknesses of the Access Company are also adequately addressed through identification. The Company will also have to address threats. The Measure undertaken will ensure that the company addresses opportunities and threats.

The company can also make use of search engine optimization (SEO) to promote its website and improve its internet marketing. SEO helps achieve maximum visibility within major search engines including yahoo, Google, and MSN. The company can reap huge benefits if SEO properly utilized and the company will eventually appear at the top of the list. These benefits will include high returns through internet marketing.