Absolute Moral Standard

To start with, I do believe that there is an absolute moral standard which was first set by God. After creation God decided to set an absolute moral standard which was based on right and wrong. This standard was set after the fall of man and its foundation is in the Ten Commandments which God gave to Moses in Mount Sinai. These commandments are found in exodus 20 and Jesus also summarized them in the New Testament. The first four referred to mankind love to God and the other six are experienced when we love others as ourselves. Notably, these are not moral opinions but rather moral absolutes. Moreover, these have been the basis for all the day to day laws used to govern mankind (Hick, 2009).

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God is referred to as a Supreme Being and creator of the universe. He is full of power and he delights in integrity and justness. He is also known to be full of forgiveness and always ready to forgive anyone who worships him with a repentant heart. In the same line of thought, God is also known to be full of unlimited love and is driven by justice. Apart from this, his wisdom and understanding cannot be compared with any other on earth. To add on this point, he is capable of performing miracles which can even tamper with the givens of nature (Munroe & Jakes, 2007).

Surprisingly, as powerful as he is, he can be accessible to those who are determined to find Him. So to speak, the approaches used to access God are full of misconceptions and confusion. However, God is respected and honored for his holiness and for this reason only the righteous and the repentant can access him. For this reason, an absolute moral standard is mandatory. In fact, one ought to uphold His moral standards so as to be in touch with God. According (2009) to Gardner, God can only be accessed through Jesus Christ who is known as the son of God in the Christianity doctrine. Finally God can also be found in prayer and supplication.

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