We are faced with a world of “no’s.” We are given a life to live, a standing in which our family will remain, and a job to do so that we may repay the debts which we acquired in order to gain this position.
“No, you can’t achieve your dreams.”
“No, your money belongs to the government.”
“No, you are not secure.”
This “dog eat dog” world has no room for the weak or the underprivileged. Those dogs will be eaten in a heartbeat. We consume the resources of the world, giving back being only an afterthought. We kill, simply for our beliefs, or simply out of greed. People, families, nations die, and why? Because of the paper in their wallets, because of the oil beneath their feet, because they are different. By the gun or the pen, we are subjects, ruled by fear.
We may cower under the eagle, wings spread in malevolent protection. Or run from the hammer and sickle, doomed to corrupt. No matter who we are, our nations say “no.” Our speech is free, but we are not. All the words in the world cannot be heard over the screeching of the eagle, or the relentless clanging of the hammer. We are forced to continue, either a voiceless face in a crowd, or a puppet, voice not our own.
However, some of us simply die. Slowly, painfully, they remain without food, without medicine, sentenced to rot. At the same time, here we are. We are fed and healthy while our own brothers and sisters die, even at home. One may be ill, therefore they cannot work, and therefore they are useless. One may be disabled, and even if they gave up their future to defend our home, what is their thanks? Nothing. Fear, unemployment, an early death is how we will repay our blessed warriors.
“Why?” we ask ourselves, “Why can we not simply help those in need?” We make vows to do good; to help, but in a week’s time where do we stand? We sit, sheltered in out warm homes, closed off from cruel reality. While, not even miles away, men, women and children shiver in the cold.
If one’s own personality is “offensive” to the masses, they are shunned. Not allowed to further themselves simply because of the way they think, the way they were born. This is the society we live in.
This is not the society of the future. This is not the utopian world we imagined. A world where hatred is vanquished, or where the individual is recognized. This is not where we live. We come from the womb and into a world bent on our own destruction. But the men in suits aren’t saying “no,” right? They don’t say we can’t defile others or their beliefs. They don’t say no to bloodshed if it is in their name. They do not say no to bloodthirsty individualism or selfish backstabbing.
But there are individuals who wish to help, and the world says “no.” These heroes are shouted down simply because they do not conform to the bile of today’s world.
“Why do you waste your money like this?”
“Why do you help those who cannot help you in return?”
“You should just mind your own business.”
They speak against those who do not have a voice, for if the voice of the weak were heard, this world of “no” would shatter. As soon as compassion is shown, the black walls begin to crumble, and the light of truth seeps through, and so their hatred rises. Their words fill with fear, fear of the world larger than themselves. They want their illusion of freedom to remain. They want their ideal of selfishness to appear right. They want to be right.
What are we to do? How will we accomplish our dreams? Why have we been told that was can succeed, only to have the world turn on us?
When the disorganized masses are told “no” they obey. But, if these daily heroes, – the ones who wish to help – organize, they may respond “YES” in a resounding voice heard over the thunderous rant of the men in suits. “YES” we will say to our brothers and sisters in need, “YES” we will say to those following their dreams. “YES” we will say, by our own will. Because we, the people, are stronger in force than the few who rule over us. There IS hope, the black walls will crumble, and truth will one day shine through. The puppets will be ripped from the hands controlling them, and the voice of the people will say “no.” No to the injustice, no to the corruption, no to the chains which bind about their necks. And when this day comes, then, and only then, will we truly be free.
Lastly, I ask you to look to your neighbor, and say “YES.” Yes to brotherhood and freedom. Yes to compassion and love. YES to the choice of the individual.

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