A Transparent Abstraction

One of the greatest sins ever given to animals is the ability to see. The western society has been told with a vigorous repetitive nature that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As proud as we are to believe this our human nature and shallow production will only prohibit beauty to be skin deep. Society has laughed and lied at the minority of the best looks totem pole, which would be about 90 percent of the western world.
What in history has caused the depravation of human minds to look past outer beauty? Maybe the sense of sight has caused our social upholstery to only furnish the popular with certain looks and shapes. Koggel states that the Alfa male chauvinistic view that lies within men has placed “beauty rules” on what a woman’s attributes must posses. Here is a males partial argument with that statement, because we all know that every boy/man in the world has pretty much the same ideals on what constitutes beauty, but I believe that there is a difference between the words attractive and pretty and the word beauty often becomes reiterated with both. For instance there may be a celebrity such as Halle Berry may be pretty for most guys; however, this does not mean that she is attractive. Yes modern males may have placed beauty aspects on the table to create the “pretty” woman, but as for wanting her to be more than eye candy she must be attractive in her personality.
Many would find it interesting that the ideas of what beauty means come from the very people who search for it the most, Peiss begins to talk about why women put on a false claim within the ideals of make-up. She asks what justifies this logic. Ironically the development on this writing does not place blame on the female, rather it destroys what “they”, the men of society, have done in turning the female workforce into a billboard. What has happened now is that anytime a girl may feel overweight, ugly, or unwanted the man is at fault. If every “beautiful” woman begins to weigh over 140 pounds and looked like deep space matter than the norm and status quo of a swimsuit model would change. If a group of well-thought men had an open discussion on western beauty then the other gender would see that we do not care so much on standardized beauty, but more on specific attractions.
The word beauty should be extracted from the English language. Hickerson portrays an argument that if you are not beautiful then you are unlucky. If we did not place emphasis on the word beauty than we would see that those people are just pretty and nothing more. Society would say that this is harsh, never the less once their outer appearance falls to gravity than they are no longer pretty or attractive. Do not bewilder the blind man because he is different, but rejoice in his inner beauty to see what is really attractive in the world.
Our greatest sin is the ability to see; therefore, do not abuse the power to create what is not, and what is not is living beauty. Nobody on Earth, in agreeing with Hebowitz, looks like the epitome of a perfect figure, so do not hold that person accountable. Instead lust in the fact that he was built from love and will eliminate beauty to only allow their eyes to create what is pretty and attractive to their life.

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