A Teenagers View

As a teenager there are very few things that we would like more than for people to understand what we go though. We see things at such a young age that no one should see in their life. Everyday we encounter obstacles such as drug dealing, violence, blackmail, failure, gangs, and loss. Not everyone knows what we go though. Teens, especially parents, and this might give them a chance to see through our eyes, and understand.

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One of the main things that teens encounter is drug dealing. Not only do teens encounter it, we sell it as well. We have to do what we have to do to get by with what we need and the respect we deserve. We all know it’s not the smartest thing to, do but it is practically the only thing we can do that doesn’t involve paperwork, a work permit, and a high school diploma. Not only do most teens deal, but they use too. Most do it for the trip, the fun of the high. Others do it for a chance to get away from this messed up world we live in, and it almost seems like no one else can see it, but us.

Violence is another daily thing in our lives. We see it being done to others by friends, family, people we don’t even know, and we also do it ourselves. Some kids do it for the rush, and others do it because they have to. Also, while others are sitting on their couch watching T.V. some are being forced to earn their respect through violence, to make a name for themselves. Some teens are bullied on a daily basis, some to the point of suicide. If you thought for one second that a teenager’s words and daily actions could never drive someone to commit suicide you are wrong. Repetitive daily abuse coming from peers can take a real toll on an unstable teen, making them feel worthless and drive them to end it.

Blackmail is a big part of our lives. When we tell secrets they tend to haunt us when we least expect it. Best friends are not always the best of friends. Failure is everywhere. When we walk down the street, or to school, we see it everywhere. Sitting on the side of the street starving, then, there are others who are begging for food. Seeing others pass by laughing because they don’t have what they have. Failing to lend a helping hand. Even I know that the littlest thing can change a person’s life forever if they are willing to pay attention.

For those who don’t have a family, or for those who don’t have the family they wish they did, gangs are almost always an option. For some they are born into gangs without an option. Gangs give them a sense of pride, respect, and relation. Gangs are like big families, for some more accepting than their own. Loss is also a big deal in our lives, and the lives of everyone else in this big world. We lose friends and family all the time, for some on a regular basis. We also watch as we lose them slowly, as they throw their lives away without even a second thought on what the consequences might be, and who they are hurting.

We all understand that everyone has been a teenager at one time, but things do change. Some for the better, and most for the worst. As we hear everyone in our lives tell us that we are only 17 and life is so easy for us, we try to explain what we go through and we always hear the same thing “I was a teenager too.” When somebody realizes that they were wrong and they had no idea, gives a sense of relief. I hope you will take this information into consideration as we all wait patiently for the sense of relief we crave.

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