If you are the lover of romantic novels, then you will like this book. This book title caught my attention when I searched in library to read a book in my holiday. This book ‘A TALE OF TWO CITIES’ by Charles Dickens teaches me the true power of true friendship and how important the friends were in the life.

‘A tale of two cities’ is set against the backdrop of the French revolution, and the ‘region of terror’ that followed the arrest of Dr.Manette by the cruel French king Louis fourteen. Dr.Manette daughter Lucie returned to France who was brought to England as an orphaned child few years before. She met her father, and it is too hard for her father to recognize her. Her father was imprisoned for 18 years.

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In march morning in 1780, young man named Charles Darnay is being tired at the Old Bailey (Criminal court in London) for treason. Darnay was accused of selling secret papers to France.Dr.Mantee,Lucie and Sydney Carton, friend of Charles witnessed in court in favor of Darnay and at last Darnay was freed. Charles Darnay is the nephew of Marquis, one of the greatest lords in powers. Sydney so closely resembles like Charles.

After that Darnay fell in love with Lucie and they married. They lived in England. Charles lived in London in the name of Charles Darnay because of his uncle Marquis was hated by many people. Marquis was an arrogant lord, but his nephew Darnay likes poor people. Soon after the French revolution broke out and poor people overpowered rich people. They guillotined many rich people. Charles had an agent named Gabelle when he lived in France. Protesters thought of prison Gabelle thinking that he was a rich man. Gabelle explained people that he was good man, but people jailed him. Fearing for his life Gabelle wrote a letter to Charles to save him. Charles went to France to save him, but he was also caught by poor people and they send him to jail. Because of Sydney carton the friend of Lucie promised him that he will do anything for her, he gone meet Charles in jail with a drug that make other unconscious. Sydney makes Darnay get unconscious and changed his prison cloths and asked her friend who is standing outside to take Charles to home. Later Sydney was guillotined by people. Sydney Carton gave his life for his friend.

My favourite part in this book is, when Sydney was about to die for his friend he saw the huge crowd of people and told, “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

This book helps to learn the importance of good friendship. This must be one of the best books of Dickens.

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