My point to this whole controversy.

If someone crushed up a flower and rolled it up and smoked it, They’d make it illegal and assume it as a “Drug.”

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I’m not saying, I am a pothead or that i am in ANY way affiliated with it. All I’m saying is the plant alone shouldn’t be classified as a drug, If it has anything added too it, then it should be presumed a “Drug.”

The plant’s defense mechanism is to disperse this aroma as an animal that is known of the Herbivore Category, into a “High” state of mind. Rendering the animal useless too eat the plant. By definition, It’s doing what nature intended on it to do.

Just because someone makes there own decision whether to interact with it, Doesn’t mean you should make it “Illegal.” All I’m saying is let people decide themselves, whether it should be done or not. Legalize it and put a tax on it, then Age Limit it too 21, That way people are old enough too make there own decisions as an ADULT, whether they want too interact with it or not.. But presuming everyone to be known as a “Pothead” or anything else, just on an opinionated subject is completely ignorant and pretty common for society.

Taxing Marijuana, Will help this country one step closer too being out of Debt.

That’s my point of view, What’s yours?

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