A Letter Written, To My Express Annoyance

A note that, after careful observance, a.) wearing your heart on your sleeve is entirely over rated, which can be translated into b.) cannot keep her fat foot out of her even bigger mouth. Though the advice given might not have been the best because c.) extreme paranoia and d.) look what she married. However, the reasons of which do not particularly matter because e.) that’s just the type of person I am. Deal.

Plus, one is sufficiently cooled down enough so that, say, the entire email would not consist of “WHAT IS YOUR FREAKING PROBLEM?!?!” However crude, it is rather effective.

So here is my heart on my sleeve: after a mind rackingly dull four days or so, I have come to take as fact f.) it is incredibly fun to text Jessica until one o’clock in the morning g.) Tanya sucks at texting h.) Tiger, Tiger is not as pathetic as I first thought and i.) Janine is a very nice person. Oh, right, and the afore mentioned j.) a mannerism that seems to me extremely annoying, but also rather recent, so it might be assumed that a catalyst is involved. But, after a while, you can see that the catalyst was,
in fact, removed.

All of the above (f.g.h.i.) shows that, not only are my supposed friends incredibly busy, but they do enjoy my company, or, at least, protest the lack thereof. Which leads me to believe that there is nothing wrong with me in the first place. I quote, “SHOCKER.”

But, thus saying, if there is nothing wrong with me, then what is wrong? A question I have failed to answer this past week, but has now been answered by (c.d.) Again the quote “[FORGET] IT ALL!” which leads us back to (a.b.) The point saying k.) I’m absolutely exhausted of being so nice.

Point l.) I am very nice m.) no I’m not n.) just keep telling yourself that, leads us all the way to point q. But we’ll ignore n-q for the sake of time.

r.) The mannerism, which I have mention before, is indeed so annoying and blood curdling that I don’t think my pillows will ever retain the same shape again. Which isn’t as sad as you might be lead to believe, because they’re Hawaiian themed, but the point is there(r.). s.) The arrogance of a fool leads to his untimely demise (hubris, so said) and often results in bloody screaming cyclops running down Mount Olympus. Athena got quite fed up with the whole deal. t.) A god-like countenance is not considered likeable in one so mortal. u.) Why should one waste the bunnies on Michelle? Forget the camels, they have solid gold bathtubs with pearl inlay! Do you know how much pearl inlay costs now a days? More than our grants from the government, I can tell you that.

The resulting solution is as follows v.) when people start to act like bumbling idiots, it’s permissible that you scream and kick and shout and send your bunny rabbits after them instead of your arch nemesis. w.) The only way to get the (v.) result with out the bunny rabbits (which are sadly expensive and the tracker in Lester is not working, nor is Bruce cooperating and making you dress up like a giant carrot) is to x.) ignore them entirely.

Good Day.