So many people these days are doing pot, liquor, and so much more and on top of this they bring it to school…


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Everyone gets wondering, “I wonder how that feels, I wonder how it tastes. I wonder what my mom and dad would say if they found out what I was really doing?”
I can answer some of them but not all of them because then again I’m only a kid.

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Your parents will be upset, they will think ” What did we do wrong to drive them here?” When in reality they did everything they could to prevent it.

People will ask you if u want to smoke a bowl, and a drink, have a cig, and so much more.

It always seems like if you have Drugs you have to have to have another it could be smoking, Alcohol, sex or so much more…

We need to put a stop to this when the younger people are starting mostly the age group of 14 and up….

Drugs led to addiction,
Alcohol leads to drunk driving,
And smoking leads to lung cancer,
And sometimes sex is in there and that leads to getting pregnant.

Just think about it next time you are offered drugs a drink or a cig, just ask you self what if you parents or little sister /brother was standing right next to you when you took that drink , smoked a bowl or took that cig. How would they feel? It’s just some think for everyone to think about it….

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