“21 prom’s” is a short story book with 21 stories of girl’s proms and a few boy views. Some of them were amazing and some were a disaster for the ladies and gentleman. There were 21 writers and their stories. This is a fiction book. It has 289 pages and at the end there is some information about the authors and what books they have written. I rate this book 4 star. You should be in 9th grade or up unless you have to your parents. I think this book is mostly for girls but boys could read it.
Well I have never had prom yet so I can’t really relate to proms but I do I go to dancing and they aren’t as amazing, but I hope my prom can be amazing. I learned that looks and that perfect don’t mean anything. Don’t just find someone go alone or go with someone that means to you. Friend, Boyfriend/Girlfriend because it would be more special.
My 2 favorite stories were: “How I wrote Toby,” and “The backup date.” “How I wrote Toby” is about a girl and her brother is in rehab. She wasn’t popular so when popular guy talks to her she was shocked. The boys name was Paul; everyone knew him and went out with him. Things that she could do to her brother were making him laugh so hard that he would fall off his chair. She went to visit her brother Toby and felt all said.
My second favorite is “The backup Date.” This story is about a girl, Jasmine who is a dog-sitter. She sits an English bulldog named Lucy. Lucy had thrown up on Jasmines dress. Lucy’s owner is Jasmines stepmother. Jasmines stepmother, dad, and brother are out of town. Which made Jasmine is very excited for prom because she had been secretly dating her brother’s best friend. When she’s a freshman and he’s a senior. Jasmine went to find a new dress from is stepmother. Jasmine got drank and made her boyfriend get pretty upset.
I totally recommended this book. It’s really good. Not to long and perfect for loving readers. Good Luck and Hope you have a great Prom.